Tuesday, 29 May 2012

irrational fear part 2

I heard yesterday on BBC Radio 2's Factoids that more people die from coconuts than from sharks.

Just can't get me head around that one.

Pervy suit arrived today with things that can only be described as a half way house been a snorkel mask and normal swimming goggles.

What have I let myself in for?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

irrational fear

Having spent over 20 years thrashing the body around the hill, and with the occasional 'oops', things finally catch up.

For me, amongst others, it was a ruptured ACL and cartilage damage, referred to as an articular cartilage lesion.  When this happens the articular cartilage loses its normal smooth gliding articulation and the ability to resist compressive forces at the joint. These changes can cause pain, swelling, loss of motion, weakness and reduced function or performance.

One option for treating articular cartilage lesions is a microfracture procedure. When performing this, the surgeon will start by tidying any frayed tissue or flaps at the margin of the lesion. 

After this, the calcified chondral layer is debrided to expose the underlying subchondral bone. 

Removing this layer allows the surgeon to pick holes into the subchondral bone with an awl.  By picking holes in the subchondral bone, blood and fat droplets are given a pathway to flow into the lesion. 
This develops in to a mesenchymal clot, which will mature and form in to fibrocartilage.

The rehabilitation process is crucial for the success of this procedure.  

So, I'm now into my 4th week on crutches and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I have discovered the best way to avoid boredom on the static bike is to download movies onto the iPad and peddle way.

Swimming is something that I am slowly learning to enjoy.  I have never swam in the sea before this week and am disgusted by my complete irrational fear about anything bigger than a tadpole.

We swam for about a mile today (thats after my 1 hour of enforced triceps dips to get to the beach).  Boredom is something that most definitely doesn't enter my head, since it is full of irrational fear about sharks, octopus, seaweed, leopard seals, killer whales ......

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

skimo scotland

For those avid UKC followers amongst us, you will be aware that there has been an interesting thread about ski mountaineering racing in Scotland.

The concept of holding ski mountaineering races in Scotland has been bubbling away in the background for a couple of years now so it's good to see that something is actually been done about it.

The website is in its early days but it is growing legs and arms at a pretty fast pace.

In short, it is planned to run 5 races during the coming winter season.  Initially, they will be small events, introducing people to the concept of racing without having to head to the Alps.

For more information, head to Skimo Scotland.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

lost mouse

On Tuesday, I was invited once again to St George's School for Girls, Edinburgh to officially open their brand new sports hall - with added climbing wall obviously.

Haven't seen so many excitable little people since my last visit here.

Needless to say that I left without my mouse - computer mouse.

Have you ever tried working an iMac without a mouse?  Desperate ....

Obviously mouse is back home.

Monday, 7 May 2012

patrouille des glacier

Thankfully, the lycra suits have been packed away for the season.

To read about how the girls actually got on with the famous Patrouille des Glacier 2012, you are going to have to follow this link.

Go on, you know you want to ...

quite literally enforced rest

During 2006 deep inside Antarctica I took a heavy fall whilst kite skiing.  The outcome was a deficient ACL and a bucket handle tear of the meniscus.

Life continued.

During 2009 whilst approaching the North Face of the Grandes Jorasses a jump across a crevasse with a heavy pack resulted in another fall onto the same knee.  The outcome was successfully climbing the North Face of the Grande Jorasses and one very swollen knee.

Life continued.

During 2012 having just returned from 5 fantastic weeks in the Alps, having skied my poppy socks off, it was time to head under the knife to fix my knee once and for all.

Life continues.

This weekend saw me down at the excellent Ochils Mountain Rescue Base, supporting Heather and Donald on the MCofS Navigation courses.