Monday, 8 August 2016

What to do after K2?

I am back in Scotland earlier than I thought I would be.  Now, there are lots of positives obviously associated with this but I am struggling to put into words how I feel about the entire K2 season being called off before it really got under way.

I feel as if I have a big wound that is still currently oozing and is refusing to heal.  I genuinely feel that time will be the best cure and perhaps now isn't the best time to try and force it closed.

I am certainly looking forward to reading Jakes Blog about the expedition (just on the off chance I don't know what happened) since everybody I have spoken to has mentioned how fantastic it is.

I will now focus on performing emergency first aid on all the house plants that Derek forgot we owned, that is in between the unpacking and (yes) repacking because in 48 hours we hit the road once again.

 After all, what's the point of having a life if you don't live it to the full?

Oh, as a footnote, can I just say a massive thank you to all the very very kind words of support that you guys gave :)