Saturday, 22 October 2016

Autumn days

The summer work is officially over for me now.  I can honestly say that I don't ever remember such a memorable Autumn in Scotland before.

The primary reason for this, in my eyes anyway, is that we still actually have not had the first big autumnal storms.  As a result the trees are holding onto their leaves and are displaying natures finest technicolour dream coat.  The deer grass too has changed colour and displays the most amazing carpet to walk on.

The low sun is casting fantastic shadows and the sound of the roaring Stags can still be heard.

The rock climbing days are limited for me now since I really don't enjoy climbing with numb feet and cold fingers.  It's time to enjoy the last few weeks with a light rucksack, before autumn turns to winter.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Scrambling in Glencoe

The nights are drawing in and the early morning frost is a common sight.  However, the weather remains settled and it was great to be in Glencoe with Mountaineering Scotland.

Mountaineering Scotland (formerly the Mountaineering Council of Scotland) offer some unbelievably good value courses and this weekend was no different.  Their new website will be launched soon so stay posted.

It was great working with 4 students who were keen, desperate to learn and a good giggle.

2 scrambles, 1 corbett and 1 munro wasn't a bad outcome for the guys.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Deep into the Cairngorms

Every now and then I meet somebody completely inspirational.

It's not polite to ask a women her age, and all I will say is that Jean is just ever so slightly younger than my Grandfather.

Yesterday, Jean travelled over 35km and climbed over 1616m in ascent and bagged 3 rather remote Cairngorm Munro's.  Jean got blown over once in the wind - promptly got back up, dusted herself off and continued - and fell off her bike once - once again, got back up, dusted herself off and continued without a word of complaint.

Next time, anybody who uses the 'age' excuse needs to meet a very special lady.  Jean Dougall, you really are a Beast and I salute you :)