Monday, 29 April 2013

the cuillin classroom

Mike from Abacus Mountaineering deserved a medal on Saturday for putting up with Di, Bill and Simon.

Simon from Oranjebergsport deserved a medal on Saturday for putting up with Di complaining that he was wearing black all day.

Bill from Scotch on the Rocks deserved a medal on Saturday for being Bill.

When you work as an independent in the mountains, you don't often get the opportunity to pick each others brains and an AMI CPD day on Skye provided us with this opportunity.

Huge thanks to the guys for not telling me to shut up :)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

complaining that it's too hot

This is what rock climbing should be like:

Today, I am wearing a fleece - must be back home.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Introducing the Allison's

Yesterday I blew the cobwebs off the mountain bike and got completely burnt off by the girls.

Extremely grateful for any section of hike-a-bike since it gave me a chance to catch up.

24 hours later my arse is still sore.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of running the LAMM with Susie.  She's a runner, I am not.


Susie has gone on to great things, but one of the most impressive is the fine publication of "Scottish Trail Running".

So, move over Mr Munro and Mr Corbett and all the other old boys (meant in the nicest possible way obviously), there's a new kid on the scene.

Today, I waddled/tripped/jogged/panted (delete as appropriate) my way around my first Allison - the Wildcat Trail, Newtonmore.  A 10km run with 100m ascent and a few up-to-your-knees river crossings since the Spey had burst its banks!

Only another 69 to go - not looking forward to the 60km route in Knoydart *gulp*

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

the resurrection

What do Everest Summiteers do when they don't work?  Well, they climb ...

Photo 1: some would think that Adele is dwarfed by the size of the face, but Adele is really that size in real life.

Photo 2: you are looking at a piece of gear, something that was lacking during this climb with the exception of the first pitch.

Photo 3: the normal run out - a 60m rope seems to be never ending when you are tied into the end of it.

Photo 4: more excellent run outs.

So today, we used screws, pegs, warthogs, nuts, friends, nuts and offsets.  With the exception of the first pitch, none were used as running belays.  Basically, you didn't want to fall.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

last race of the season

Over the weekend I put on my Skimo Scotland hat - for the last time this season.

Skimo Scotland is now contained in 3 boxes and I have been banned from mentioning the 'S' word in the house.

Di Gilbert Mountaineering is about to get reinstated to the top of the priority list for the foreseeable future.  Starting tomorrow.....

Thursday, 4 April 2013

north west ice

Before the world of the internet, to learn if a route was in condition you would have to actually walk in to find out.  Having had success of Emerald Gully on Saturday, this is exactly what Fran & I done on Sunday - without gear but that's another story altogether.

When we saw the ice on Sgùrr na Feartaìg we were sworn to secrecy until the planned assault of Monday.  Needless to say that Derek required no persuasion when he saw the photos. 

The Stonker is "a tremendous icefall" and has been on my radar for a couple of seasons now.  Climbing a route like this in April is proof on how good the season really is.

Yesterday, armed with trainers (really the best sign of a good winter), we made the trek into Coire Dubh Mòr to climb a route that we knew had been climbed recently.

With only one team on Poachers Fall and us on Umbrella Fall, it really will be remembered as one of the best Easters that I have had.