Monday, 21 November 2011

things to do when you have 2 very sore ankles ...

I must have been able to swim at some stage, because I have badges.

That was about 25 years ago.

The good thing about swimming pools is that you don't think you are going to drown, you won't stand on a jelly fish and you won't get eaten by sharks.

My first visit to the pool, I splashed around for 20 lengths.  I had to spent more time resting and I probably drunk my own weight in water.

My second visit to the pool, I splashed around for 24 lengths.  I discovered that it really isn't a good idea to swim with the wave machine on.  Really, what is that all about?

My third visit to the pool, I went with Thea.

Thea: "I normally swim for a mile Di, but if you want to stay longer that is fine"

Di: *splutter*

One hour later, I swam my first mile - it wasn't pretty but I managed.

On Saturday, I took part on the MCofS's Mountain bike course for hillwalkers.  Fabby course and highly recommended.

On Sunday, Di hoped that their would be a mountain bike technical failure so that she could put her skills to practice - there wasn't.

More importantly, after the cycle, Di dragged Derek to the pool (who also had badges at some stage) and swam a mile with very few rests.

Derek is now going to become a professional fish.

If we could have only gone for a run, I could have completed my first triathlon.