Friday, 8 March 2013

thankful to be off the hill for once

Todays catalogue of events:

1. Met Joe off uber early sleeper all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

2. Got slightly disgruntled that none of the good coffee shops were open until at least 0830.

3. Battled our way in the corrie-of-the-absent-people.

4. Walked around base of corrie-of-the-absent-people trying to find out if there was perhaps one spot where I felt happy to take my rucksack off without it ending up in Loch Morlich.

5. Somehow stood underneath Mess of Pottage in minimal wind.

6.  Took big gamble and started up approach slopes.

7.  Blunted both picks on direct start of Hidden Chimney since I wrongly assumed that there would be nice fat ice under pointless snow.

8. Put googles on.

9. Took googles off - all steamed up and couldn't see a thing.  Much better just shutting my eyes and waiting for spindrift to stop doing its thing.

10. Forgot to eat.

11. Forgot to drink.

12. Climbed up to top of corrie rim.

13. Down climbed so that I could put on steamed up, useless goggles.

14. Climbed onto plateau - stupid thing to to.

15. Battled our way off the plateau.

16. Walked past empty ski resort making comment on how it must be storm bound.

17. Arrived at car and had lunch.

18.  Got home and released that resort wasn't stormbound, we were just late!