Sunday, 9 June 2013

teaching an old dog new kit

I remember when I received my first set of Edelrid Apus ropes, I spoke to Dave at DB Outdoors saying there must be a mistake since I was sent a pair of very long pair of shoe laces.

A few years later, having used them on one or two days, I wouldn't change them for anything.  No wonder I moved slow, low and heavy when I used to carry at pair of 9mm ropes - or was it actually 9.5mm?  I am not sure that I am brave enough to experience the new Flycatcher rope which is coming in at an astonishing 6.9mm - that's just a bit thicker than my pull cord!

I have also been using the mission quickdraw set and was curious by the new nineteen G set - how on earth could it be lighter?  Wow - I think I will be speaking to Dave again saying that there must be a mistake since I have been sent a quickdraw with karabiners that are slightly bigger than the accessory one used on my compass!

No excuses now :)