Friday, 5 July 2013

the road to recovery

Sometimes it is hard to write a blog when so much has happened on a personal level, but because it has such a knock on effect to my work and play, it is sometimes hard to differentiate the 2.

One week ago, I went back onto the operating table to be sliced open once again (for the record, this time, it wasn't self inflicted so could potentially milk the recovery for everything that was going).

I would assume that most people would enjoy sitting on the sofa, wrapped in a duvet, eating nothing but banana smoothies and ice cream and watching crappy TV.  I managed to sit still for one day before slowly venturing into the garden ("Oo, could just do a little bit of weeding since I'm here") and "Surely, I could walk up to the beer garden since it is such a lovely evening..." type-of-approach.

The next thing you find yourself sitting on a mountain bike, passing the drinks bottle to the boy currently in training.

On a very selfish level, the hills to me are my savour - they certainly aren't for everyone but if it was the option of sitting on my arse watching 6 hours of TV or 6 hours gentle walking in the hills, it is a no brainer.  So, as Derek set off on potentially one of the best mountain bikes in Scotland he has done, I thought I would wander off to bag a nearby corbett.

90 minutes in, sitting on my corbett summit on a glorious day, I looked over to Lochnagar and feeling fine, I thought that I would just continue on my little wander in the hills and try and meet up with Derek as he descended his last summit.  Hey, I might not be able to be there in person, but it is nice to share the adventures that the hills provide through others. The complete gentleman even let me freewheel out on the bike along the edge of Loch Muik as he quietly got blisters walking in his biking shoes.

The following day, Since we were in the area, it would obviously be rude not to tick off another couple of corbetts.

Ok, so I might not be doing any core exercises for a wee while and the thought of putting on a harness just now isn't overly appealing, but there certainly isn't anything wrong with the legs.  The only downside, is that I don't think I can play the "I'm in recovery stage" card anymore :(