Thursday, 22 August 2013

it's not the north face of the eiger but ...

This summer, the alpine trip was on/off numerous times and then with a family bereavement it was most definitely off.  However, as we drove south to the borders for a week of biking and bagging both Allisons and Corbetts, it only took one text from a Catrin, who was now billy-no-mates in the Alps, to make the van suddenly swerve off the A9 to find the nearest internet signal.

30 minutes later we were booked onto flights and the van was heading North.

I have never really seen the point of short Alpine hits before but after a week of dashing around the hills, I could be slowly converted.

Excluding the flights, the mini break cost a grand total of £135.00 each, which included only the finest accommodation, travel expenses and food.  What is even more impressive, is that this was all in Switzerland with a crap exchange rate.

Catrin wasn't sick when we went above 4000m, Derek managed to get some big training days in and Di managed to scare herself stupid on ridiculously easy angle granite slabs.

The Alps - love it :)