Friday, 18 October 2013

Mountain days & bothy nights

When I speak about a 3 day mini break in the hills, ML assessment automatically springs to mind.  However, for once there was no speak about re-entrants, spurs and relocating.

Instead, I had the utter delight of spending 3 days in the hills with a bunch of folk who giggled their way around the Cairngorms.

It was incredibly hard work of course - they made me climb not one, but 3 munros; they made me go to not one but 2 bothies; and if I wasn't on the 12 months alcohol free rule [home brew obviously does NOT count], they would have forced not only wine but whiskey past my fair lips :)

They tried to educate me on the merits of using the outdoors as an educational tool; the correct pronunciation of all the gaelic names; and failed miserably on getting me in the nude to go for a skinny dip.

Guys - throw away your Kurt Hahns, your Simon Priests and your Carl Rohnkes.  Get yourself 'Mountain Days & Bothy Nights' [Brown & Mitchell], 'Scotland's mountains before the Mountaineers' [Mitchell] and Dougal Hastons 'The Philosophy of Risk' and enjoy the real education that the mountains provide :)