Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Perfect timing from Odlo

There is frost in the garden today and we are braced for the first big winter storm.

Therefore, I am so excited about joining the Odlo family.

Odlo's roots began when they produced training tights for ice-skating athletes, then moved onto cross-country skiers and speed skaters.   In 2002,  they designed the first underwear made with odour reducing silver ions and in 2006 they designed the cubic fabric which has a 3 dimensional structure that ensured optimal body temperatures. 

Basically kids, it is uber good thermals!

Obviously I am not an ice skater, cross-country skier (I don't call schlepping around Grantown Golf Course cross country skiing) or a speed skater.

Thankfully Odlo have grown over the years and now produce over 550 different products for all types of athletes.

So, irrespective on how ridiculous I might look on the outside, I will be wearing some very cool thermals underneath :)