Friday, 7 February 2014

Change of tack

This morning Bob, George and Di walked 3/4 of the way into the corrie only to turn around and walk out.  Don't get me wrong, there are definitely routes to be climbed, but if you have very specific objectives in mind, sometimes you just have to reschedule.

I knew that Heather was going to be heading out in the afternoon to do some research for the next 2 days and I thought that if I got a shifty on, I could drive home, unpack, repack and head back to the MCofS office.

There really was absolutely no way that I was missing out on a wind free day especially with fresh snow.  We decided to head (back) into the corrie, tidy the MR box before setting off on a mini afternoon tour. 

Up to the summit of Cairngorm to be rewarded by some mighty fine views - you really could ski anywhere over 600m.

A quick descent for a hot chocolate (definitely never took enough liquid today) before heading back up the hill to be rewarded with some even better views, before the skins were put away for the final time.

"Whoops" all round by the girls.

Second day in a row that the 110cm underfoot skis were on - completely unheard for me [Jim, you will be very proud of me].

Since normal service will resume tomorrow, I can glow warmly inside knowing that I made the most of today.