Saturday, 7 June 2014

Glen Tilt

We are probably speaking about 25 years since I went through the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and I probably hated it.

I would have thought that it was pointless and moaned a lot.  It would have messed my hair, smudged my make up and made me smell.  I would have carried far too much, got wet and cold, been eaten by midgies and generally been a miserable mare.

My mum would have been told me that "it will do me good" in the tone of voice that only mums know.

So I can completely relate to the guys and girls from the Granite City whom for the last 4 days have got wet and cold; carried too much; moaned and cried.  However, in between the lowest of the low points, were the glimmers of sun that shine through when teams bond; groups experience new things together; people begin to see beyond the discomfort and the sound of laughter starts again.

Oh, and that was only the staff - the kids done great :)