Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bruce's Stone

This is Bruce's Stone in Glen Trool:

It is slightly more convincing than the other Bruce's Stone at Clatteringshaws Loch which states "this is the stone that Robert the Bruce may or may not have rested on".  I realise that we have to attract tourists, but this is really clutching at straws.

So, the highland folk drove South - didn't quite make it to the Lakes - and enjoyed some fantastic days doing hill stuff and city stuff.

Two things really strike me about city life.  How can I survive for hours and hours on the hill and still feel refreshed at the end of it, but after 3 hours in a shopping mall I am absolutely knackered?

The second thing about city life that perplexes me is ordering food at KFC.  Why, when you order a 2 piece variety meal do you get 5 pieces of chicken?  Is this not a 5 piece variety meal?

Oh, don't let the pretty sunny pictures fool you - there are 4 pairs of soaking wet shoes drying outside that will never be the same again.