Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lairig Ghru & Lairig an Laoigh

Susie says that this run "is a classic and almost entirely runnable Cairngorm circuit".  Ha, well it probably is, if you had been training.

My training had been last weeks run and Derek's training included 3 bottles of red wine the night before.

Luckily for Derek, this meant that he never got a hangover - purely because he was still rubber.

I did actually manage to take some photo's on on the first half but on the return leg, I was too preoccupied with motivating myself to keep moving to even think about taking any.

What was very exciting was seeing 5 capercaillies - I've only ever seen a couple of these magnificent birds before so to get 5 in one outing was great.

So, 48 km later we [finally] returned to the car.  Neither of us can move today and the only part of me that is not sore is my face.

Thank goodness for Orange Wednesdays ...