Monday, 20 October 2014

Glencoe rain

This weekend the Mountaineering Council of Scotland put on a Student Scrambling course for 12 keen beans.

If you had seen the weather forecast for Saturday you would have probably preferred to stay inside and do inside jobs, but to our amazement the Weather Gods looked favourably down on us.

The first sign that there was going to be trouble was the thunder.

Quickly followed by Callum: "Di, is that cloud?"

Di:  "No, that's rain".  It was as if somebody had stuck a huge sheet of white paper next to the Buachaille.

There was no gentle build up to the rain.  It was just Glencoe Rain.

Heather & Max can be smug, since they actually made it back to the hut before the rain started.  We never.

Sunday was worse and was an inside day - some you win, some you lose.