Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A change of tack

For the last 4 hills days that I have had, I haven't been brave enough to take the camera out of its bag in fear of it physically drowning.  So, it is with a very light heart that I think the next time I will be on a hill it will be in Nepal.

This really is a good job, since after yesterday it is going to take the whole winter season to dry my summer hill walking boots out.

So, for the next 2 days I will be ensuring that crampons straps do fit over Scarpa Phantom 8000 boots; sterilising a pee bottle; deciding how many pairs of pants I really need to pack for 4 weeks; deciding how many pairs of socks I need; deciding what music to upload onto the iPod; putting on silly autoresponders onto the email and eating as much cake that is humanly possible before making myself sick.

I will be envious that my friends will have the first turns of the season without me and will have probably ticked off the first few winter routes.

I on the other hand am bracing myself for spending far too much time on the toilet;

thinking that I am going to die;

and will be eating food that I wouldn't normally be eating.

When will I be too old to enjoy the adventures that life throws at us?  Probably never :)  Can't wait ...