Friday, 15 May 2015

Blue is the new pink?

We females are very shallow.  I have a new rope (Edelweiss obviously) and it's blue.  I also have a new pair of rock shoes (Scarpa obviously) and they are also blue.  They both co-ordinated perfectly with my blue jacket (Outdoor Research obviously) and the sky (Mother Nature obviously).

Today the sky was grey and there was 'stuff' coming out of it.  For those in the know, I have been slowly ticking away at the Allisons and there was one route that I wasn't really looking forward to.  Not because of the length but of it's location.

It's run number 33 and is called 'Glen Tilt'.  If you are a mountain lover, you will head up the famous glen, normally on a mountain bike as part of a bigger day on numerous occasions.  So, the thought of actually going for a run up to Gilberts Bridge (no relation) and back didn't fill me with love.

However, as soon as I left the car park the route took me not on my original route but weaved amongst the trees, the paths and the routes often ignored.  So Susie, hats off to you once again for another stunning run through a part of the country that I know very well but saw her in a completely different light.  Pity I left the camera in the car.