Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Summer has finally arrived ...

... because yesterday we climbed in t-shirts, had a barbie by the loch side and today I had a lolly pop.

Today I joined up with Jo & Roger who were wanting to push themselves and do some training for a Skye Traverse which is planned later in the summer.

There aren't many options on the Ben for snow free routes to be honest, so out of all the Classic Ridges, we went for the only snow free option that there is at present - Castle Ridge.

A superb route in an excellent situation.

The only other 2 people we saw today were skiers who also had an excellent day but that's not my story to tell but needless to say that the Tower Double got done today :)

Long may summer continue - which translates as:  if you have sent Di an email recently, you'll have to wait for a reply because she is far too busy enjoying a very slow coming summer.