Wednesday, 1 July 2015

There is only one thing worse than ...

... breaking in new rock shoes.  And that will be 2 climbers breaking in new rock shoes.

I always seem to have an adventure with Mick in the hills and yesterday was no exception.   We did briefly think about heading into the northern corries but the thought of standing in the shade wasn't too appealing so off to Creag Death it was.

We actually done some nice routes with the exception of the last one.  If you managed to battle through the holly bush:

you than had to contend with the rose thorns and then the grass top out.  

Just to top it off, the abseil took you into a pile of nettles.

Note to self:  must include strimmer and secateurs into the climbing rack next time.

On a very very positive note - the sun was out, the wind was blowing and it was all brought to an end with a BBQ.  Happy days.