Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Another day in paradise

It is a furnace in Utah and it is finally taking its toll on the snow.

Powder is still hanging around but you have to actually know where to find it.  As long as you are high and on north aspects its tickety boo.

Our little day turned into one slightly longer than planned with an awesome skin up Silver via the Beartrap Aspens before the first whoop of the day down Beartrap Glades.  As soon as the snow went gloopy (obviously an official technical term) it was back on skins up to West Desolation Ridge.  Back down the north face (only because it was so good yesterday) before the final skin over to Powder Park 1 and the final whoop of the day.

It's quite nice now looking around the hills identify previous tours but still can't get my head around trees on summits.  Lots of nice squiggles up high and lots of splats down low.