Monday, 13 June 2011

We won a prize!

I am no longer a LAMM newbie.

I am going to lose one toe nail; my ankles are as stiff as wood; my calfs are as tight as a G sharp string; my guff knee is the size on a small planet; my lower back is rubbed raw; I never reaslised you could ever get sore elbows and don't even touch my neck and shoulders.

Was it worth it? Most definately :)

Having been absolutely thrashed at the ISMF World Championships in February, I only had one goal over the weeked - and that was not to come last.

There must have been a computer error with the results because at the end of Day One, Susie & Di were placed 13th out of 112 teams in the C Course.  The girls came in 10th on Day Two, maintaining our final placing of 13th - 2 hours 15 mins behind the winning team and 1 hour 12 mins ahead of the second female team.

For more details on the girls in the LAMM, you need to go to the website.

A massive thank you to Susie who really was a fantastic LAMM buddy.