Saturday, 27 August 2011

the cairngorm 4000ers

I couldn't find anyone to climb with yesterday and I have absolutely no intention of starting a second round of Munro's so...

It was a client, Peter Ellis who sowed the seed whilst on Tower Ridge one winter, so on Thursday evening I finally opened Ken Wilson's "The Big Walks".

There are only 2 rules I have self inflicted:

Rule #1 you must do the route as described.

Rule #2 you must do them sub 24 hours.

So yesteray, I set off on his Cairngorm Four Thousanders - what he describes as "an exceptionally long and arduous walk over a high and extensive plateau".

Some 50km later with 3000m ascent, I finally arrived back at the car in just under 11 hours.  Not bad for someone who hasn't done any running in the past 5 weeks and been walking at a very slow big-mountain-pace.

OK, it not quiet in the same league as Ramsay's Round  (its on the radar but not quite fit enough) but its a start.

Needless to say, I can hardly move today.