Wednesday, 31 August 2011

wet feet

Isi & Di both spent rather a lot of time checking the weather forecast before embarking on the drive North.

We were both convinced that the place to be was Caithness & Sutherland.

We were obviously right but the weather was most definitely wrong.

So, it mizzled yesterday, but we got away with it - just.

However, it rained today which meant that we never got away with it.

So, we done what any sensible person would do.  We drove south until the road looked dry and the shadows were cast.

We decided to head up to the bolts at Silver Rock, a small conglomerate crag near The Mound.

I forgot my harness, so we had to rotate the makeshift sling between climber and belayer, before the heavens finally opened up once more and we decided to throw the towels in for good.

Sometimes its just not meant to be ...