Tuesday, 20 March 2012

behind the scenes

I love Spring because it means the start of my alpine season.

For me to spend 5 weeks in the Alps, doing the best I can whether it be skiing or climbing, I am always unbelievably grateful for all the people behind the scenes who help me do this. Yesterday, Richard Bentley and I drove south to spend a really informative day with the boys and girls at Mountain Boot Company looking at loads of really new and unbelievably groovy products.  Needless to say, that I will be mainly wearing pink this Alpine season :)

This morning, I took my new Gea's (unfortunately not pink but green) down to Cairngorm Mountain Sports for Peter to wave his magic dust and mould the liners to my feet.  And I thought that my Diva's were comfy...

I'm going to be skiing on Trabs for the first time this season, the only thing that I can't decide on which modification to the tail will work best?  Not really being in a position to experiment properly, I've adopted the suck-it-and-see approach.

I spoke to Edelrid about getting the most powerful head torch available to man - with a 2100 departure time for the PDG, this will be pretty essential.  Ideally I was looking for a land rover lamp (preferably with attached land rover but that's not going to happen) but think I've got a pretty good second.  More importantly, is that it matches my Grivel go fast helmet.

And then there is Jas Hepburn, my guru coach, who opened my eyes to the smith machine, bb roll outs (which I am still utterly cr*p at) and russian twists.  When I told Jas this morning that I had just knocked 3 mins off my PB for the local 10km forest run, he looked as if christmas had come early.

So, to the fabulous people who I share my little life with, this blog is for you to say very publicly thank you for all the support that you provide me with.