Friday, 23 March 2012

great glen way

I put a thing on Facebook asking if anyone fancied cycling the Great Glen Way the following day.  Not really thinking anyone would take me up on it, I was tickled pink when Nick phoned up, to say game on.

Lets be perfectly honest now, neither of us had done our homework properly.  I knew it was long - 79 miles according to the official website.

I knew it was going to be a stellar day.

I knew that if it all went wrong, I had a credit card with me :)

It was a bit of an error omitting to look at the overall height gain during the journey.

It was a bit of an error testing out a new saddle.

In short, this blog will do yesterday's journey absolutely no justice so video blog in progress:)

Actual distance travelled: 104km
Actual height climbed: 2219m
Calories consumed: not enough but done our best
Calories burnt: 5760
Total time: 10 hours 36 mins