Wednesday, 28 November 2012

a funny breed

Climbers - we are a funny lot.

All summer we wait for the snow to arrive and when it does finally arrive we spend all day clearing it off the ledges and out of the cracks.

It was cold today.  In fact it was a six layer day and that included the walk out and that doesn't happen often.

Dave H required absolutely no persuasion what so ever to return to Cha-no and armed with knowledge from the previous day, we actually managed to climb a couple of routes.  Ok, Dave climbed and I just flayed pathetically.

They were called 'hard' and 'desperate'.

Oh, I managed to drop my crumpler case and 3 new batteries down the crag today and couldn't hold back from looking over the IFMGA's shoulder to make sure that he was taking the compass bearing correctly as we headed home - old habits die hard :)

Thanks to Dave for another brilliant day on the hill.