Monday, 25 February 2013

A weekend of skimo racing

The west coast without doubt delivered everything this weekend.

On Saturday, we headed to Glencoe Mountain Resort for what was later described as a "brutal" course - without doubt our biggest and most challenging race to date.

A 6km course with 780m of ascent and descent, 5 transitions and our first boot pack.  

Paul Cornforth covered the course in a very impressive time of 50:23.

Unfortunately the conditions prevented us coming down the Fly Paper, so instead racers descended the Spring Run.

On Sunday, we headed around to Nevis Range for the first Vertical race of the series.

This was a 1.85km couse with a 545m ascent.  Once again Paul proved to be the man to beat (27:58) but just 30 seconds faster than Anthony Roberts (28:25).

For those that haven't made the connection yet, Di Gilbert Mountaineering is also rather integral in Skimo Scotland :)