Sunday, 17 February 2013

getting away from it all

I have a friend called Heather - somebody that I regard in high esteem when it comes to the mountains. To me, Heather is a friend, a fellow adventurer and bloody good company on the hill.

This past week Heather once again has unquestionably given up her experience, her time and her knowledge for others who share the same passion for the mountains that she does.

However, this weekend Di & Chris took Heather to the hills for another of those completely unforgettable weekends and for some well earned rest - it's all relatively you know.

From the end of the Callater Burn, the objective was Creag nan Gabhar, before an unexpectedly pleasant descent down to the Callater Stable and the amazing hospitality of Bill, Janette, Ian and Craig at Lochcallater Lodge.  It's not often that I wake up from a bothy with a slightly fat head, but I did this morning.

Chris had insider information about an aircraft wreck just off the summit of Carn an t-Sagairt Mor and if it wasn't for the girls 'politely' complaining (otherwise known as just skiing off), he would probably still be there sniffing out more wreckage.

The clouds cleared in perfect time allowing us a sweet descent down the north flank before traversing around to Loch Phadruig and by following the burn line, we managed to keep our skis on until hitting the land rover track just a couple of km's from the car.

Spring snow is here ...