Thursday, 2 January 2014


I could talk about how amazing Jay & Miriam were at all things wintery and snowy but I won't.

Instead, I will describe this morning:

Di, Jay & Miriam happily doing lots of snowy things heading slowly up the Ciste Gully, and her numerous tributaries, minding their own business.

Lone skier comes swishing down the West Wall - *nice*.

A few minutes later, 3 skiers also start to come down the Ciste Gully.

One skier traverses hard off left onto West Wall, slowly comes to a stop.  Falls over, one ski detaches and skates down the slope.  Skier decides to follow, on arse, out of control - *not nice*.  Skier stops just above rocks - *nice*.

2 remaining skiers stay in Ciste Gully.  One removes skis and decides safest way is to bum slide Ciste Gully - *not very flattering but probably the best place for them*.

Skier on West Wall decides to crawl back up to regain ski which is half way up slope - *on knees - classy* and finally regains ski.

Meanwhile, the other 2 skiers have completely left the scene and are heading back into the ski resort with tails between legs.

Di:  *bugger* better go and help.  Make way up to stranded skier.

Di: "did the ski patrol not have a sign up saying closed?"

Skier: "we followed a skier down"

Di: "Oh, the skier that could ski you mean?"

No drama.  Take skis, give clear and concise instructions and remain out of fall line.

We've all been there - made similar mistakes and ate humble pie.  Just a shame that somebody witnessed the whole thing :)