Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A small weather window

There was a small weather window this morning before the ming arrived (again).  Thankfully Plan A didn't work out given the fact that we couldn't get the car parked off the A9 without it getting wiped out by the snowplough.

So, instead we saw this and thought, not bad for a Plan B.

Lets be honest, when it's good in Scotland it is really good.

For anybody that has skied with me recently know that I normally ski on a pair of matchsticks.  However, with the recall of the Scarpa F1 Evo boots it left me only one option.  A rather fat (all relative) pair of Black Crows and a proper pair of boots.

Felt like I had a couple of bags of sugar strapped onto my feet on the ascent, but boy was the descent good :)  So, both the Boar and the Sow East faces skied today with the girls.  I will say that as soon as we were ready for the *whoops* the cloud moved in and we lost the light.

Crossing the burn was potentially the most hazardous part of the whole day but the Mountain Safety Advisor kept us right on that one.