Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Lordy, is it really a week since I blogged last?

Last week, Thomas and I were out in the white room - to be perfectly honest there wasn't much to see which is probably a good thing since we were needing some poor visibility to learn how to operate safely in it.  The bright ? in Braemar made up for the lack of views on the hills.

Then it was full steam ahead for a whole weekend of SkiMo.

© Mr Drew Photography

The great news now, is that I have about 3 weeks ahead of me with very few commitments; I have a Catrin in situ; it has been chuckin it down since Sunday and I have enough motivation for everybody in the Strath.  Climbing, skiing or mountaineering - not particularly fussed to be honest, the conditions will dictate as always.  Oh, and new camera will arrive tommorrow - happy days ....