Sunday, 15 March 2015

Aberdeen MR Team

I don't really want to be rescued by any Mountain Rescue Team but if I did, I would want Aberdeen MRT to come to my aid.

It's not because they are great at what they do, it's because they are are really great at what they do.

A weekend of ridiculous tightening up of their micro navigation skills and tweaking a few ropey things.

Failed miserably on getting them to reduce the size of rack they carry; failed miserably on getting them lost and failed miserably on getting them tied up in ropes. 

Succeeded in not killing anyone with the home brew; succeeded in not dropping anybody off the end of a rope and succeeded in getting sunburnt (never noticed that until I took the hat off once home) #stupidtanline.

Massive thanks to Heather, Guy and Ken for helping out and a massive thanks to the Team for such a memorable weekend.