Friday, 20 March 2015

Total #mingfest

Magic?  The only thing that flowed today was the bloomin mountain due to the sogginess of it all!

Obviously head torches were worn at 0930 for the solar eclipse - needless to say that we never saw a thing.

I was really torn about heading West or remaining East today and even though it was particularly ming this morning, I dread to think what the West was like.  Not really rain, just soggy drizzle, wind and tit all visibility.  Absolutely perfect conditions for ski touring.  Apart from the lack of vis and the lack of snow, we actually found some very good snow off the back of Cairngorm.

In fact, it was so good we managed to get in 2 good runs before I realised that once again it was getting late.  And if I'm honest the afternoon turned out quite nice.

Thanks to Rob at Expedition Guides for 2 cool days work and thanks to 6 brilliant guys and dolls for bringing smiles and giggles to the hills.