Friday, 17 April 2015

Clocking up the miles

Not quite sure where to start.  Somebody once said that you always make time for the things that you enjoy doing so I really don't have any excuse for not posting recently.  However, in defence ....

The Scottish winter season proper finished with the postponed last Skimo Scotland race of the season.    It would normally take me a few days to get things tidied up, but with time already eating into the (very) quick Alpine hit, everything was done a mach 5 speed.  Yup, probably a few things slipped through the net but hey ho :)

© Mr Drew Photography

So, in 11 days we:

  • drove 2700 miles

  • skinned over 5000m ascent

  • descended over 5000m + the rest

  • spent one day in a very confused state trying to figure out where we actually were (if you have ever used Italian maps you will completely relate to this)

  • and didn't have time for one stick-you-spoon-upright-hot-chocolate stop.
And that was that.  I would write more but with over 200 emails in the inbox, I am once again playing catch up.