Friday, 7 August 2015

Ardmair aka Hardmair

I am ashamed to stay that I have only been to Ardmair once before.  I remember being perplexed how to climb the routes.   It's not that I don't like the climbing, it's just that I'm not really a crack climber and if you're not good at something it is very easy to avoid.  So when Shiela suggested Ardmair, I didn't know quite how to respond.

I loved it.  Perhaps never loved the botanical battle to the bottom of the crag and the swamp to negotiate but the climbing was awesome.  Sheila, Queen of Cracks danced her way up numerous routes whilst at the bottom of the (very tight rope) I pulled faces, groaned, stuck my tongue out and spent hours trying to figure out how to use elephant bum holds.

As they say, everyday is a school day.  Today I was well and truly in nursery.