Saturday, 15 August 2015

Cool Cats

When I was a troublesome teenager, I thought anybody over the age of 25 was old.  Anybody over 40 was well and truly past it and should be confined to sitting on the sofa drinking hot cocoa and wearing fluffy slippers.  Oh, how naive was I.

So, how we chuckled to ourselves for the past 3 days as we were out with Albyn School deep in the Cairngorms.  Just no matter how cool we think we are, to a group of fearsome teenagers we really are not cool in every sense.

Max has been introduced to the delights of trailer camping, where there really is no need to scrimp on the quality of food.  The only thing that was missing was the bottle of Vino but even I can be sensible when little people are involved.

In typical Scottish fashion our amazing first 2 days will be forgotten with the 3rd day will be the one that is remembered for seeing nothing but a blanket of midgies all day.