Sunday, 13 September 2015

Adventure Peaks mini break

Delhi, it's like Kathmandu but not so smoggy and on steroids.  Feet haven't touch the ground in the last 2 days because we've been rather busy.

I could post some pictures of the beggars, the falling apart rickshaws, the dodgy electrics, or the kids playing in the dirt, but being a girl I'm going to post this one:

Yes, today we found the hypermarket.  It made the Eastgate Shopping Centre (sorry, non Invernessians that will make no sense to you) seem like a corner shop.   Absolutely ridiculous.  We have just loaded 50 kit bags into a bus for tomorrow so we are once again travelling nice and light.  In fact we bought so much food at said hypermarket we got 6 bottles of 2L Pepsi for free so for the next few days we will all be as high as kites.