Friday, 4 September 2015

Meteorologically Autumn

Meteorologically speaking, we are now in Autumn.  Thank God.  In my head, Autumn is the training season for winter and I am fully prepared for the first Autumnal storms, the shorter days and the Northerly winds.  Therefore, when I head to the hills now, if it's not all the above it's a bonus.

I normally don't hesitate what shoes to wear on the hill - it has to have a Scarpa logo - but because the hill was 80% track and 20% moor I opted (for the first time) to wear my mountain bike shoes.  What a stupid idea that was.  I had soaking wet feet within the first 2 seconds and having to teeter over slippy schist with a pair of protruding SPD's is not a great image for somebody who is supposed to be fairly proficient in the hills.  Don't get me started on any kind of incline.

On a very positive note, I did breath a very big sigh when I returned to the bike to find it still in it's place.  Losing the bike would be a complete disaster but having to miss out on the fastest descend off any hill would have been unthinkable.