Thursday, 26 November 2015

Emile Sande rocks

Emeli Sande and I don't really have too much in common if I am honest.  She has 1.23 million followers on Twitter, nearly 2 million followers on Facebook, 3 number one hits, had the best selling album in 2012 and belted out her tunes at the London Olympics.

It is at the point when I would say something cynical like "Yeh, but I bet she's not happy" or something along that ilk.

However, one thing that Emeli Sande and I do have in common is that we are both ex pupils of Alford Academy.  With a 37 million pound complete refurb and development of what is now called Alford Community Campus, we both happened to have been invited to it's official opening yesterday - I will be honest and say that Emeli had a slightly bigger role to play than myself :)

So, to go back to my cynical comment above, I will happy say that I have been proved wrong and not only is this chick awesome, it seems that she is actually a very very nice genuine person.