Sunday, 15 November 2015

The first walk into the corrie for the season

As storm A Big Gail did\did not (delete as appropriate) hit the country this weekend, there was only one thing to do.  Three days of Allison trots.

With very nearly half the Allisons ticked and half the Corbetts ticked, Derek asked the question: "What will I do when I have finished them?"

Mmm.  Not quite sure but it did get me asking the question on why on earth I do tick lists.  Simple really, for somebody who organises things for a living and makes the majority of decisions, ticking lists is like somebody else suggesting what to do.  So, if you have many adventures stored in the memory, when you find yourself at a loose end you have the reserve to fall back on.

Today was a perfect example.  Did have a plan but it fell through so a quick phone call to a friend to see what they were doing saw us walk into the corrie of the people for the first time of the season.

Will add quickly at this point, summer hill walking boots were worn and sharpies were left at home.  Anybody who says that things were frozen today in the Northern Corries are telling porkies.  Couldn't find my winter woolies, socks, head torch and despite boiling the kettle 3 times, I successfully left the unfilled flask in the kitchen.  Time to winterise me thinks.