Monday, 18 January 2016

East meets West

Every day is awesome in the mountains, but some days are more awesome that others.

Saturday was an awesome day but a bit of a survival day if perfectly honest.  I call this a survival day because I never took one photo and was more concerned about staying warm and wiping the rime off my goggles.

It actually started off fairly benign but at a snap of the fingers, everything turned somewhat more serious.  Cracking like I have never seen before followed by at least 3 small avalanches in our immediate vicinity. 

Cracking:  your weight is not only overloading a buried weak layer but the snowpack is also storing enough elastic energy to propagate a fracture.  (Temper)

A day where plans were changing all the time, and without doubt the most important factor to think about was terrain.

Sunday was even more awesome because Rich, Steve and I were taken up a brilliant route by a brilliant bunch of people.

Thanks Aberdeen Mountain Rescue team for looking after us so well.