Thursday, 17 March 2016

Bothy Life

It can't last forever, so it was time for the old burds to have another mini adventure in the local hills.

From the Cas Car Park, shooting around the side of Cairn Lochan to Ben MacDui.  Awesome weather and extremely grateful for the planks.

A glorious evening sunset, with numerous "ooo's" and "ahh's" before a very quick ski down to the salubrious accommodation provided by the Hutchison Memorial Hut.

We were fully expecting to walk the final section, but ski's off at the hut.  Lancaster Hotpot, cake and custard and certainly not enough Port consumed.

The gamble played off this morning as we returned to Loch Etchachan before skiing down to Loch Avon (yes, still frozen enough to ski across) before the final skin back up Coire Raibeirt.

One more ski descent which took as all the way back to the car park.  

Ptarmigan spotted: lots
Grouse spotted: lots
Calories consumed: probably not enough
Clouds spotted: zero excluded the blanket of low cloud far to the north
Stars spied: lots
Happy burds: two