Wednesday, 2 March 2016

From fast to slow

I could talk a lot about this:

© Mr Drew Photography

but I won't.  If you are interested in nearly 100 racers embracing the Skimo scene, go here :)  Instead, a more mellow approach is required.

Well I say that ...  We all got our excuses in before we left the car park.  

Derek:  "I'm on my really heavy boots and I'm on my really heavy powder skis". 
Catrin: "I'm just back from fiddling with penguins and haven't walked more than 10km in the past 4 months".
Di: "It's Tuesday and I'm always slow".

However, Derek is in training and Catrin is never unfit.  So for 5 hours, we all breathed very hard and was grateful to have to stop every now and then to check the map and eat chocolate.

The touring was pretty naff to be honest and to have to pole very hard to get to the car at the end of the day was just the final insult.  On a positive point, Derek has ticked off some very remote Munro's that would otherwise be a very low, boring walk - some hills are just designed to be skied.