Monday, 18 April 2016

This weekend past

I have discovered Instagram (di.gilbert - it's not brain science really!) - which I am learning means more time doing the things that I want to do and less time behind the computer.  I love looking at inspiring pictures when I can't be part of them for various reasons and looking for inspiration for the next adventure.

The only thing about using Instagram is that my camera doesn't get to play as much as it is used to.  However, I did manage to click a few pictures whilst working for the MCofS this weekend in the Ochils.

The summer work has started but this season my summer work is going to be very limited - now that is 2 references to this summer is as many blogs so something must be happening :)  I was going to make some smug comment about warm temperatures and small rucksacks but having been out in a snow storm in nothing but running kit on Friday and getting pretty cold I was taking no chances as the cold Northerly winds continued over the weekend.  #snugasabug