Thursday, 21 April 2016

Summer is here

Oh yeh baby [in the best Austin Powers accent].

This means that my skis have been waxed, serviced and are now resting for the summer.  Ice axes have been sharpened and ice screws have been oiled (yup) and are now in storage.  Crampons and mountaineering axe will be activated soon so no rest for them.

The website has now been updated to summer mode, which actually seems quite futile since this year I will mainly be working for these guys.  In short kids, if you want to be awesome this summer you need to come early (pre 9th June) or late (September).  You can absolutely be awesome out with these dates and tell me all about it when I return to the UK :)

I am now going to be not so awesome as I splash around the water (yes, they are indeed a set of hand paddles), get my legs strong, and become a climbing ninja on a micro adventure.