Thursday, 26 May 2016

Escaping to the West

In fear of becoming Di Gilbert (tries to) Mountainbike, there is now photographic evidence that I am still a climber :)

I could write about the awesome days climbing in Glencoe or the awesome days climbing in Glen Nevis but no, I will share the joy of the bike.

The same way that every rock face doesn't necessarily mean that a climb is worthwhile, every single track on a map doesn't mean that it makes a good mountain bike.

We embarked on the 40k Ciaran Path with 1100m ascent. This was planned for the morning, followed by a swim and an evening crag.  Oh little did we know.

7 hours later having pushed our bikes for what seemed like 39.9 km, not a route that I would recommend.  On a positive note, the cycling to Luibeilt is very good and there is some excellent single track to be had throughout the route, but does that enjoyment outweigh the unrideable bog/mash/trenches/ditches for the remainder of the route is anybody's guess.  This is coming from somebody who actually doesn't even mind a hike-a-bike route but really .....

Needless to say that the evening swim and the evening crag failed to materialise.