Friday, 13 May 2016

The joys of the Jura

It all starts with a tent really. 

For us, it was then an old Ford BT van with a DIY conversation.

Finally, you make it big and upgrade to a VW T5 Transporter.

And then you get old [that obviously only applies to Derek since I refuse to get any older] and learn about a brand new world of Motorhomes/Camping Cars.

Oh my goodness, no longer is their a requirement to have a pee outside and learn where the nearest public shower is and by far the most important thing, there is no longer a need to ration the toys to play with.

Since Derek is in training again for another swim/bike/run and Di is in training for a big peak there was no better place to head than the Jura Alps.  I cannot recommend this place highly enough, especially early season when the big mountains are still snow capped and trying to work out what season it is.

Discovering and sampling the yellow wine was obviously a low point, but it was very important to stay hydrated :)