Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Out of the starting blocks

 I think my glutes are going to be sore tomorrow.

That's a good thing really because I think my ankles will be sore too judging by how stiff they are now.  If I have sore ankles, that means maybe my glutes won't feel so bad.

I wouldn't say that I am particularly unfit at present but the start of winter always feels different.  It wakes up muscles that have been asleep for some time and this season will be no different.

On a very positive note we didn't forget anything (actually I did forget to put £5 in my jacket for a hot chocolate stop at the Ptarmigan but I will let myself off on that one); drop anything or get lost.  Tomorrow however, is a new day and if I can survive without stabbing myself with sharpies, I'll be happy with that. 

Oh, and yes winter has finally arrived.