Sunday, 1 April 2012

British Ski Mountaineering Champs

Considering my ski mountaineering training has been pretty non existent this season due to a distinct lack of snow, yesterday could have gone a lot worse.  In fact, yesterday's race alone saw me ascent more on ski's than my entire scottish skinning season.

Learning lessons must include:  

#1 must not forget to put sun cream on neck

#2 when removing skins, be very aware of paper race number on thigh so that paper race number doesn't become attached to skin

#3 don't think about doing fancy little turns on steep entries into gullys, think about extreme side slipping at speed 

Carron Scrimgeour won the mens title with Ben Bardsley and Jon Bracey coming second and third.

I actually don't have a photo of the girlie winners since I was on the podium (seriously I was!).  Leanne Callaghan put in a sterling effort to gain the title of Queen of British Ski Mountaineering with Gaby Lees getting second position.  I ended up coming third and won a bottle of wine - needless to say it lasted less than 8 hours unopened.

Catrin came in third in the Veteran category and not only did she win a bottle of wine but a posy of flowers too!

A massive big thank you to the BMC and to Es Tresidder for organising the event.